Trophy Cup Awards Party/Another Big Thank You

Thank you all so much for a great inaugural season! To celebrate I'd like to invite you to our awards party this Saturday, October 25 from 5pm-8pm. Our excellent host The Athletic will opening the doors to their new retail location at 925 NW 19th Ave. We'll have beverages, adult and not, from Gigantic Brewing and Atlas Soda Works. We'll be doing a little podium presentation for each category handing out prizes from Rapha, Western Bikeworks and for the top three finishers of each category. Also happening will be the team launches for the Chris King CX team and The Athletic CX Team. I'd love to see you all there to help us celebrate and to help us thank our sponsors.

Here's a link to the Facebook event page if that's your particular type of social media:

Saturday, October 25 
The Athletic 
925 NW 19th Ave

Thanks again for all of the fun.

Rapha Trophy Cup p/b Western Bikeworks Awards Party October 25

Thanks again to everybody who came out to race and spectate and helped to make our first season such a success. We'd like to invite you all to the Athletic's new space on the evening of October 25 for a party to celebrate! We'll have free beer for everybody from Gigantic and we'll be having some podium presentations for all of the categories. We'll have prizes to award from Rapha, Western Bike Works and Portland Design Works as well. The address is 925 NW 19th Ave. and I'll be confirming the time shortly but count on it being in the evening with plenty of time to get home and cleaned up from the David Douglas race.

Congrats to these fine folks for making the podium for the series!

Beginner Women 
Alyssa Hagen 
Erin Corcoran 
Amy Seymour

Women A 
Susannah Hart 
Abby Watson 
Brigette Brown

Women B 
Angharad Porteous 
Aunika Miranda 
Lauren Ziehnert

Women C 
Kate Ayres 
Aunika Miranda 
Ashley Lance

Beginner Men 
Jason Elstad 
Phillip Trost 
Nathanael Hart

Kyler Ervin 
Nathanael Hart 
Zach Lang

Masters A 
Brian Foresta 
Mathew Braun 
Chad Smeltzer

Masters B 
Rick Boston 
Donald Newlands 
Neil Green

Masters C 
Brian Carrico 
Ryan Morgan 
Josh Platis

Men A 
Josh Kelley 
Leland Gilmore 
Steven Beardsley

Men B 
Stephen Hartzel 
Ryan Menze 
Noah Beggs

Men C 
Daniel Steinle 
Jared White 
Dave Kosanke

Pete Rubijono 
Justin Brauner 
Austin Crenshaw

Thanks again for everybody's enthusiasm for the new race, it was great to have you all out there. We'll see you all at the party and again for next season!

Single Speedo Rule is Back at the Final Trophy Cup Race Tomorrow Night

The weather looks warm and pleasant for the final Trophy Cup race of the series.Updated series standings can be found here:

Remember that all six weeks will count towards the overall standings so this week is still important! The winner of the beginner categories will win a great new jersey from Rapha and that the rest of the category winners will receive a pair of the new Rapha cyclocross shoe. Details about the shoe can be found here:

Does anybody remember the single speedo rule? I do and it's back for tomorrow night. Anybody racing in the single speed category that lines up and races in a speedo gets double points for the night. It might be one of my favorite traditions that's fallen by the wayside. Show everybody that you still know how to have a good time.

Pre-registration will close at midnight tonight. With the $15 registration and the processing fee you save a couple bucks and don't have to wait in line on the night of the race. Register here:

We've got a different course again this week, one that features everything from last week but only some of it in the same order with a bit more of what folks liked about it. Also keeping it interesting will be another start line location with a new hole shot line for the A fields. Still the same $50!

We have only a handful of t-shirts left so if you're still interested, they're $15 at registration.

People's Pig will be feeding everybody again tomorrow night and don't forget, if you ask real nice they can make you something vegetarian or vegan. Gigantic will also be pouring $4 pints for those of you who are thirsty after your race.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there again tomorrow!