Portland Trophy Cup Updates/General Reminders

Lighting and Course
We've spent a lot of time to make sure that the course will provide a challenging early season race. It is safe to say that the lighting is stellar and the entire course is staked and taped with smooth lines and fun features. We think you will enjoy!

Everybody has a friend that has been meaning to give cross a try and the clinics will help give them the confidence to have a good time. Portland Bicycle Studio is hosting and the cost is $10.

Holeshot Competition (Serious Business)
-There are a lot of folks that have been talking themselves up so I expect this to be good. This competition awards $50 cash to the first Cat A woman, Cat A man and Singlespeeder to the first corner after the start. If you are racing the As or SS, go for the cash! If your race is finished, grab some food and beer and stick around to watch, especially if Kent Ross is in the field.

Portland Bicycle Studio and Neutral Support
-Huge thanks to Portland Bicycle Studio who will be set up providing mechanical support for the entire series. See them before, during, or after your race if you are having any mechanical issues! They will also have tubes, tires, or space food at the race in case you're in need. Come see them!

-We have a great group of folks helping to make the series happen. If you see them out there, stop and say hello and give them a big thank you.
-Rapha is once again back as title sponsor and they'll be giving out some great prizes once again, this year it'll be for the first and last races of the series.
-Portland Bicycle Studio is providing mechanical support as well as series prizes for the top three of each category.
-You may have noticed the fantastic numbers that we have this year. These were made possible with the design work of The Athletic. They've also helped out with the t-shirts and every other thing that needs to be designed. We can't thank them enough.
-Gigantic Brewing will once again be providing the fantastic (and reasonably priced!) beer at all of the races. You can thank them for not having to spend $8 to get a decent beer at the races.
-Stages Cycling is the sponsor of our A races and making it possible to have nightly payouts for both the women and men A fields. They'll be out at the races each week as well if you're interested in giving one of their power meters a try during your race.
-Portland Design Works is also helping out with series prizes again this year and has something special in store for us with their barriers this year. It should be pretty easy to see what part of the course that they're responsible for.

The Taco Pedaler and Gigantic Brewing
-We will have some excellent food out at the race with the Taco Pedaler and beer for $4 a pint from Gigantic Brewing. We want these fine folks to come back so make sure you plan on paying them a visit for dinner.

Portland Bicycle Studio Gift certificates will be given to the top three series finishers in each A, B, C & Master Category as well as the Singlespeeds.
Our sponsors will also be providing prizes throughout the series as well as giving away great stuff at the awards party.
Stages Cycling is generously providing a cash payout to the top three finishers of the Women A and Men A races nightly. Payout is $25, $15, $10.
The full details can be found here.

-You still have until 2pm the day of the race to pre-register and you can still get in on the season pass as well. If you pre-reg it'll cost you $18 but if you register at the race it'll be $22. Save yourself some cash and register ahead of time. If you have pre-registered and you have your number you can head straight to the start line. If you've pre-registered but haven't picked up your number yet, there'll be a line for you at registration.

-There will be four lines at registration:
Pre-registered, picking up number
New registration, picking up number
New registration, already have number
Purchasing new license and registering

Start Times
5:00 Registration Opens
5:30 Clinic - more info on the clinic page 
5:30 Juniors

5:55 Master C
5:55 Master B

6:35 Beginner Men
6:35 Men C
6:35 Men B
7:15 Beginner Women
7:15 Women C
7:15 Women B

7:55 Women A
7:55 Men A
7:55 Master A
7:55 Single Speed

Questions? Don't hesitate to let me know.

See you all tomorrow night!

Portland Trophy Cup Number Pick-Up Party Tomorrow 8/28 6pm at PBS

Reminder that tomorrow night we are having a number pick-up event at Portland Bicycle Studio (NW 15th & Raleigh). We will have free beer from Gigantic Brewing and will be giving away a Rapha musette filled with great stuff including the fantastic Trophy Cup t-shirt to all that register for the series at the event or have pre-registered and are picking up their numbers.

For more information, check out the page.

Registration Details:
Registration at the event is $18/race or $108 for the series. 
Online registration - $18/race or $108 for the series. 
Day of registration - $22/race or $132 for the series.
Remember that every season pass includes this year's t-shirt and a musette with a few goodies from our sponsors.

To register online for any or all of the series races click here.

We hope to see everybody out at the party enjoying themselves that one last time before that have to start taking everything so seriously when the cross season starts.

Get Your Friends out to the Clinics at Portland Trophy Cup and Get Them into Racing

Each week Portland Trophy Cup will feature a cyclocross clinic presented by Portland Bicycle Studio. Clinic skills will build each week and be specific to the challenges of that week’s course. Our goal is to prepare you for the course you will see in each evening’s race. These clinics will focus on getting beginner racers ready to challenge the evening’s race course.

Clinics will be held each Tuesday (September 1st-October 6th) from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Both Beginner Women and Beginner Men will be finished with the clinic in time for their race start.

Skills to be taught:
– Preparing for your race
– Starts and clipping in
– Cornering
– Dismounting and Remounting
– Barriers and lifting/carrying your bike
– Run-ups
– Navigating traffic
– Equipment setup

Registration is located at the motocross tower in the center of the course. Cost for clinic is $10 and will be available day of in person.